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  Before the floor tiles are used for caulking, the dust and cement slag in the crevices should be removed before the caulking work can be carried out. However, many people find that the cement in the crevices of the floor tiles is not easy to be cleaned. What's the trick? Here's how to find a way for you.



  Method / step


  After the floor tile is laid, before the cement in the gap is not completely set, it is better to clean it up. You can use a small shovel to gently scrape out the cement in the gap, and then clean it up.


  If the gap found in the cement has set, you can put a small hammer, gently cover the cement slag on the surface, or buy a special cement tool gap, and then brush it clean. If there is too much dust in it, you can also blow it with a blower.


  If the cement solidification is too serious, it is difficult to break it with a hammer, you can ask professional personnel to cut the floor tile with a machine, slowly cut a layer of cement in the gap, and then cut it according to the American Standard.


  You can buy a stain remover for ceramic tiles, and then slowly wipe along the gap to clean the excess cement in the gap. When using, first pour the detergent into the gap, and after a few minutes, wait for the stain to become soft, and then wipe with a cloth.


  Now there is a special removal of cement set stone, you can buy a piece from the Internet, and then use according to the instructions, it is said that the removal of cement in the cracks of floor tiles is very effective, you can buy and try!


  When laying floor tiles, find those professional construction teams who have rich experience and can make as little residual cement in the gap as possible, so it is more convenient to clean.


  The above is a detailed introduction of the treatment method of the cement solidified in the cracks of the floor tiles before the use of the Shandong tackifier. To learn more about the consultation of the tackifier, please visit the official website

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