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  The gap is too small to penetrate into the joints, and the tiling is not firm, so the tiles with a gap of less than 1mm cannot be made beautiful joints. If you want to make a beautiful gap of less than 1mm, you need a very complex process, and you need to cut the joints in advance.
  How many mm gaps should be reserved for tile paving to make beautiful joints
  瓷砖铺贴预留孔径尺寸没有固定值,如考虑美观缝的效果和成本,瓷砖铺贴预留孔径一般推荐在2mm - 3mm孔径合适。
  There is no fixed value for the reserved aperture size of tile paving. For example, considering the effect and cost of beautiful joints, the reserved aperture size of tile paving is generally recommended to be 2mm - 3mm.
  This width not only satisfies the beautification effect of the ceramic tile gap and makes it a beautiful joint, but also considers the personal cost. If the cost factor is not considered, 5mm ceramic tile shall be paved with the reserved gap to maximize the beautifying effect of the aesthetic joint agent.
  . the success or failure of Shandong sewing agent products
  After more than ten years of innovation and development, the single component of Shandong tackifier has reached a point that can not be broken through. The limitation of product performance greatly reduces the functional, aesthetic and environmental protection standards of Shandong tackifier.
  From the raw materials and production technology of the products, it has become a mainstream beauty sewing construction product, with high-quality product quality, high-end beautification performance, healthy and environmental protection material ratio and mature service system, to ensure that the two component sewing and one agent are better and wiser.


  . 施工工具的配置决定了施工的质量和难度
  . the configuration of construction tools determines the quality and difficulty of construction
  The manual glue gun is to pull the extrusion trigger with fingers, push the extrusion rod, and push the sewing agent out of the bottle. From the point of view of labor-saving, manual glue gun is obviously more time-consuming and laborious, and long-term construction will bring arm fatigue, affect the stability of glue agent, resulting in uneven and inconsistent glue application.
  The electric glue gun replaces the manual glue gun from the advantages of labor saving, stability and convenient operation, which makes the construction of Meidai more convenient, stable and even.
  . 固化时间由温度决定
  . curing time depends on temperature
  The problem of temperature coefficient, the boss's article in the past period is more complex explanation. If your friends are not very clear, please read, study and refine the article in the past period: open the floor three days in advance in winter, lay the floor heating room, which is more suitable for the American sewing agent sewing construction in summer!
  The above is a detailed introduction of what is not suitable for the construction of beautiful joints by Shandong beauty joint agent. For more information, please click

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