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  Although beautiful tile sewing looks very simple, but if you don't do these four points, it's easy to be wasted money and ugly. You need to pay attention to these four points whether you are looking for workers to help beautiful joints or buying your own beauty sewing agent for beauty sewing.
  First of all, the dust of the ceramic tile joint must be cleaned before the joint, or in the future, the beautiful joint agent will peel off the ground, because if the ceramic tile joint is not clean, there will be impurities, and the joint agent cannot be completely deleted from the ground, which will affect the appearance, so it must be remembered to clean the ceramic tile joint.
  2、 Generally, a part of the newly purchased sealant is not used. The front 30 cm or so is sealed with sealant, mixed with white colloid. Therefore, the beautiful seaming agent purchased needs to be printed out first of all the 30 cm white colloid, and only when the normal beautiful seaming agent appears can the beautiful seaming be started, otherwise the overall beautiful seaming effect will be affected.


  Third, many friends will decorate the shops with antique bricks in the living room and bathroom, because this kind of antique brick is not only beautiful, but also antiskid and dirt resistant. Especially the families of the elderly and children often use this kind of antique brick, but the rough antique brick, if we call it a direct sewing agent, it is difficult to clean up the additional beauty sewing agent, so we must first make a layer of wax or put a layer on both sides of the gap Crepe paper, easy to clean up the redundant beautiful sewing agent, can also avoid using a knife or shovel to clean up the beautiful scraping agent.
  Fourth, although it's more beautiful after the now very popular tacking agent, most of the tacking agent seams are relatively soft, and the early construction and solidification are very simple, but if the heat is very easy to soften and collapse, it will affect the beauty. Therefore, we'd better use cement to make pointing treatment for the gap before the aesthetic joint, and reserve 2mm gap. Especially the kitchen often cooks, the heat is higher, so the floor and the wall brick in the kitchen must be pointed with cement before carrying on the beautiful joint, so it will be more beautiful.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the problems ignored by Shandong sewing agent. To learn more, please click

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