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  In many people's eyes, beautiful seaming agent can be used to mend the seams, as well as certain beautification effects. As long as the seams appear anywhere in the home, they can be used to mend. In fact, the beauty sewing agent is not omnipotent. Many ceramic tiles can be used for beauty sewing, but there are also many places where beauty sewing agent cannot be used.

  1. 不同的地板材料

  1. Different floor materials


  Floor can choose all kinds of materials to decorate, but because of the different materials, the idea of flower sewing will also be limited. Most of the ceramic tiles can meet the requirements of artistic joint, such as the whole body brick, wood grain brick, antique brick and so on. The effect of artistic joint is very good. But if choose woodiness floor to decorate, cannot use to do beautiful seam, because solid wood can absorb the moisture inside beautiful seam agent, cause beautiful seam agent to be unable to cure.

  2. 橱柜、家具的封边

  2. Edge sealing of cabinets and furniture



  Cupboard and all sorts of ceramics do wash basin, closestool, can have a lot of crevices when installing, hide dust and insect ant easily, the best way is to do on edge sealing, but had better use special edge sealing glue, do not use beautiful seaming agent. A lot of furniture is ligneous, if use good seaming agent, stick on very easily above scrub not to drop, and solid wood can absorb the moisture in good seaming agent, solidify agent, the effect of good seaming agent cannot reflect. Sealant can be used, there are beautiful sidelines, but also a good beautification effect.


  3. Wall cloth decoration and sealing


  The wall surface of the house is pasted with wallpaper, but there are many defects in the edges and corners. It is not neat at all. It can be covered with edge sealer. The beautification effect is very good, but it can't use beautiful seaming agent. Some wallpapers are made of fabric materials. There are a large number of papers, which will affect the curing of the tacking agent. The edge is easy to warp, and will split the adhesion of the tacking agent. But the edge line and edge sealing machine are suitable for covering the warped part and covering the defect gap.

  4. 铝窗框

  4. aluminum window frame


  The window frame made of aluminum alloy, due to different materials, beautiful seam agent is easy to stick on it, and difficult to clean, which is the most important. General rough surface ceramic tile and need decal paper construction, but the surface of aluminum alloy is relatively smooth, the caulking agent is very easy to flow, so it can be obtained on the walls and windows, can use special edge sealer, and will have different effects.


  The most basic function of beauty seaming agent is to fill the gap of ceramic tile. If you want to fill other places, you may have to think twice. You'd better use the right product, otherwise problems will easily occur.


  The above is a detailed introduction of what is not suitable to be used as tackifier in Shandong. For more information, please click

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