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  How about making a beautiful joint every few days for the tiles just laid at home?

  一般情况下,躺着一个砖后3 - 7天可以进行美丽的缝,如果遇到雨雪几天等特殊天气,专业漂亮的部门可以选择方便,比较相对湿进行小面积的美丽缝测试,才可以进行大面积的建设美丽缝后确定并合格。

  In general, beautiful joints can be made 3-7 days after lying on a brick. In case of special weather such as rain and snow for several days, professional and beautiful departments can choose convenient, relatively wet and small-area beautiful joint test, then large-area beautiful joints can be determined and qualified after construction.


  2. The wall brick of old house has alkali resistant phenomenon to still can do beautiful seam?


  Yes, but the anti alkali gap should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Otherwise, the alkali will return to the surface of anti alkali agent after the joint, resulting in the joint is not firm and rework.


  3. Can you make a beautiful joint in the greenhouse?


  Of course, but there are two points to pay attention to when the floor is warm and the room is beautiful. One is to choose beautiful sewing products with good quality, such as one beautiful sewing; the other is to find a professional beauty sewing master. And the house with warm floor, the floor tiles expand and shrink more because of the temperature rise than the house without warm floor, and the warm floor house is a hardbound house with good gap, the gap width is different. If the gap is too narrow and the flexibility of the product is not strong, it is easy to choose the floor tile crack and cavity.

  4. 如果我拿到了美缝剂,我该怎么办?


  4. What should I do if I get the beauty sewing agent?


  You can use a certain concentration of alcohol for cleaning directly, but if it has solidified, you need to soak it in hot water for a period of time and then use alcohol. First, clean the dirty place by hand, then add water to dilute the white vinegar, and then gently wipe it with a brush dipped in the solution.


  The above is a detailed introduction of the solutions to the common problems of Shandong sewing agent. For more information, please click

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