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  1. 瓷砖贴1-2周后

  1. 1-2 weeks after tiling


  When the tiles are laid and pasted well, the meeting will be a little wet. If you insist on completing the beautiful seams, the agent's agglutinating beautiful seams and tiles can be reduced, and the relatively easy to fall off the beautiful seam sealer. So the beauty agent of ceramic tile is best to stick on the ceramic tile 1-2 weeks after the construction of ceramic tile. The gap of ceramic tile has dried, and the beauty agent can stick firmly with the ceramic tile. In case of rain, the time can be extended according to the situation to avoid affecting the luster of the beautiful sewing agent.


  2. 安装天花板或橱柜

  2. Install ceiling or cabinet


  Ceramic tile seam beauty is mainly aimed at kitchen, toilet, balcony, living room, etc. Considering that the ceiling, closet and some shelves need to be installed in these places, if the joint is carried out after the completion of construction and installation, there will be certain difficulties, affecting the beauty of the joint, so it is recommended that the ceiling or cabinet seam is beautiful before installation, and the toilet and bathtub can be edge sealed after installation.


  3. After painting or pasting wallpaper


  Most people's bedrooms can only be tiled. Some people's living rooms can not only be tiled, but also the TV background wall. Other walls are decorated with wallpaper or paint. When using the paint, dust can fall on the floor to reduce the difficulty of cleaning. You can choose to paste wallpaper on the wall or paint, clean the floor, and then make tile joints.


  Furniture and appliances before moving in


  Ceramic tile is pressed when moving furniture, so we should make ceramic tile caulking before moving furniture to avoid positioning after moving furniture.


  The above is a detailed introduction to the proper time of using the tackifier for ceramic tiles in Shandong Province. For more information, please click

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