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  When winter comes, the climate starts to get colder. Then, friends who sew tiles in this season will ask various questions, such as how the temperature is low, and how the extruded glue effect gets worse? Do you want to open the window after sewing in winter? When the floor heating is installed in the house in winter, do you have to do the tile sewing? And so on.


  So what should we pay attention to when making beautiful seams in winter? Celeste will share the following with you.

  1. 温度太低了。使用前请将产品加热

  1. The temperature is too low. Please heat the product before use



  When the temperature is low, the viscosity of the product will also increase, resulting in poor extrusion effect. It is easy for ab group to mix unevenly if the glue gun is used sparingly, which leads to the phenomenon that the local adhesive or hardness is not enough. Therefore, it is recommended to preheat the sewing agent in warm hands or hot water before the construction of the United States, but preheat must ensure that the agent is in a sealed state, and open the agent from the bottom up. The preheating temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃, and the time shall be controlled within 10-15 minutes.


  2、 The construction temperature shall be greater than 5 ℃


  When the temperature is low, it will also affect the curing effect of aesthetic sealant, such as prolonging the curing time. This will make it difficult to clean up the residues after construction. When the temperature is low, it is easy to embrittle the strip, which leads to the cleaning of the residue after the completion of the construction and the trouble when the rubber is shoveled. Therefore, the construction temperature of the aesthetic joint in winter is recommended to be above 5 ℃. If the temperature is low, it is recommended to use hot air duct before construction.


  3、 Should the windows be opened after the construction of beautiful sewing in winter?


  In winter in the north, the wind is too strong and the air is too cold. Opening the window is easy to cause the dry cracking or cracking of the seaming agent, which increases the curing time of the seaming agent. In winter in the south, the humidity is heavy, and the phenomenon of white and color change will appear after opening the window.


  No matter to the South or to the north, it is not suitable to open windows after sewing in winter.


  4、 There is a warm floor at home. Is it necessary to make a beautiful sewing?


  When the ground temperature rises, all the dust and bacteria particles also become active and spill over the cracked tiles, so the house is equipped with floor heating. It is necessary to make beautiful joints on the tiles.


  The above is a detailed introduction of how to make Shandong beauty sewing agent in winter. For more information, please click

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