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  There are hundreds of brands in the market, which is good or bad, has been a controversial topic. For the owner, the most important thing is its practicability, that is, moisture-proof, mould proof and pollution proof, which can make the residents clean quickly and conveniently. In addition, the owners are generally concerned about the environmental health of the products. After all, it is used for a long time. Poor environmental performance will damage human health. Good environmental performance can provide a good guarantee for family health.



  When choosing the beauty sewing agent, we will tell you to compare and evaluate a product from different perspectives, so as to determine whether the performance and quality of the product are guaranteed. We often recommend that you use judgment criteria, mainly viscosity, flexibility, odor or local experiments, after touching the surface of the United States with your hands curing rubber perception. In addition, we actually have the most intuitive method, which is to observe the color beauty sewing agent. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of beauty sewing agent from its color!


  The color of good quality sewing agent can be seen to be bright after opening. After trial use, it can be seen that the color of the curing agent is also full. If all other standards are correct, the final choice of sealant can be made by comparing color and gloss. What are the characteristics of poor cosmetic sealant? Usually the color is bright, but the color is not complete. After using this kind of sealant, it may be discoloration and whitening in ten and a half days or three and two months, which will damage the beautiful seam effect!


  The above is a detailed introduction of how to judge the quality of Shandong beauty sewing agent. To learn more, please click

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