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  Now the decoration, the ceramic tile beautiful sewing agent is more and more popular, it not only has the very strong practical decoration, and the beautiful degree, but also can increase the ceramic tile.


  So how to match?


  Brick color is similar to sealant color


  This kind of collocation has the same hue, giving people a comfortable feeling, simple and fashionable. Commonly used in modern, Nordic and minimalist decoration.



  Dark brick + light color seaming agent


  The combination of dark brick and light color seaming agent not only highlights the seaming color but also highlights the tile itself, both of which are obvious and suitable for modern classical decoration.


  In fact, the most simple understanding of ceramic tile is to fill the gap between ceramic tiles. Why should we leave a gap to fill it?


  Reason 1: temperature difference changes, ceramic tile cement will expand and contract. If do not leave out the gap between ceramic tile or the gap is too small, heat rises tension to can cause ceramic tile to press mutually, appear crack easily, ceramic tile warps, hollowing, fall off even.


  The second reason is that the size error and construction error of ceramic tile are large, there is no gap between ceramic tiles, and the tiles are not laid in an orderly manner, which has a great impact on the beauty.


  Traditional caulking products have poor waterproof performance, easy to breed mildew, moist, powdery, falling off, yellow color, giving people dirty, old visual impact of ceramic tiles, seriously affecting people's quality of life. Humid environment, long-term latent bacteria and viruses cracking, and even a threat to the health of the family!


  The above is the detailed introduction of Shandong sewing agent to the suitable sewing agent. For more information, please click

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