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  The beauty sewing agent is like a person's teeth. When the face is done, it will look better naturally.


  I don't know when the "beauty sewing" came into our sight. Maybe the black tile gap is too ugly, or it's hard to clean, which makes you have obsessive-compulsive disorder. You don't know what to do


  American seaming is very special in home decoration. Compared with the "big projects" such as water, electricity and tile oil, it is easy to be ignored. Usually, the decoration company doesn't cover it, but it is an important link that can't be bypassed.


  It's not just for beauty. Listen to me


  As we all know, the tiling will inevitably leave a gap.


  Ceramic tile itself will expand and shrink, so it is necessary to leave brick joints, so that the space of ceramic tile has an extension, if not, the following picture will appear.


  The left seam is too small, resulting in empty tile drum


  No matter use ceramic tile glue or cement mortar to stick ceramic tile, after drying, it will produce force to ceramic tile. If there is no gap left, the final result can only be cracked and collapsed porcelain.


  It is normal to leave 1mm-3mm for the brick joint, the most common three sizes are 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm. When laying bricks, the tile positioning cross card can be used as an auxiliary tool, and the corresponding specifications can be purchased according to the actual needs.


  Because the bottom material of tile gap is the cross card of cement, it is affected by moisture and excessive water absorption, which leads to mildew; it is also easy to cover up dirt.


  The function of beautiful joint is to make the gap of ceramic tile neat and beautiful. In fact, it is to prevent mould and bacteria, enhance water resistance and facilitate cleaning.



  History of beautiful sealant


  Good effect also needs good joint sealer. All materials used to fill the gaps of ceramic tiles are called joint sealer.


  There are all kinds of problems in ceramic tile caulking for home decoration. The caulking agent has gone through the development process from white cement, adding seam agent, beautiful caulking agent, epoxy color sand, and its function has also changed from crack prevention, water-proof, decline prevention to aesthetic pursuit.


  White cement - low strength, easy to crack, has been eliminated


  At the beginning, we all thought that it was good to fill the gap with white cement. A big bag with tens of dollars is cheap and easy to use.


  White cement caulking


  Because the strength of white cement is not high, it will lose powder and crack easily. So white cement was upgraded to connector.




  The calciner is also called cement-based caulking agent, which is different from white cement. The addition of quartz powder in the calciner increases the hardness without cracking due to powder dropping; the addition of pigment can mix a variety of colors.


  Schematic diagram of sealant composition


  Although the product and construction technology are very mature, but still can not solve the problem of waterproof.


  In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, ticks tend to turn yellow and moldy. As a result, beautiful sealant came into being.


  Beauty sewing agent - water, falling off harmful, has been eliminated


  Sewing agent, which appeared in China as early as around 2013, refers to the single component of moisture curing acrylic resin sewing agent


  Single component, i.e. all raw materials are in one tube; moisture curing type, i.e. after extrusion of the caulking agent, it reacts with the moisture in the air, so as to harden and also be waterproof.


  Water based sealant will sag when made


  In the process of reaction and volatilization, it will lead to shrinkage of the tackifier, and finally form a clear groove, which is easy to accumulate water and dirt.


  The above is a detailed introduction to the effect of Shandong beauty sewing agent on aesthetics. For more information, please click

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