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  How to use the beauty sewing agent once and for all? For many people, if they don't throw it away, they will throw the ash in the corner. Isn't it wasteful? Is it bought with real money, or is it smart enough for friends to seal the edge directly. Usually we use glass adhesive as the edge bonding material, but my friend said that beautiful edge bonding agent can also be used, and has many advantages.



  Mildew proof and waterproof


  For example, the gap between the washstand, bathtub, toilet and the wall and floor in the home needs to be sealed. The normal operation is to make glass glue, but after a long time, the moldy and black must be done again. I feel it's troublesome. But the beauty agent depends on its both mildew proof and water-proof advantages. When it is applied to the bean petals, there is no need to worry about cracking and blackening, which is more durable than glass glue.


  It's not easy to cover up the dust


  Glass glue has been used for a long time. We should have a deep experience. It's black on it. It's hard to clean it. It's really good to be upset. The advantage of beautiful sewing agent is that its surface is not easy to hide the dirt. Looking at the clean wall and ground cracks every day, I feel much better.


  Beautiful decoration effect is good


  Another disadvantage of glass glue is that its color is too simple to be used for decoration. On the other hand, the beautiful sewing agent is much better, with a wide variety of colors and patterns, the natural beauty of this material is high!


  Small smell, green and environmental protection


  Whose home decoration is not environmental protection now? Another advantage of beauty sewing agent is that it has a very small smell. If it is used as edge sealing, it is absolutely good green material, which will not cause pollution to the indoor environment. Simply, it is not too practical.


  Of course, glass glue also has its advantages, such as good wear resistance, so the best way should be this: first use glass glue as the primer, and then hit beautiful seaming agent, so beautiful and practical, not kill two birds with one stone? Know that the seaming agent does not need to be lost, now replace the glass glue for the edge, who saw all praise!


  The above is a detailed introduction to the endless treatment of Shandong beauty sewing agent. For more information, please click

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