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  As the name suggests, the seam beautifying agent is used to fill the gap between seams and beautification. But the American seam agent is a large aggregation, and consumers are not clear about it. Now what are the differences and uses of all kinds of seaming agents.


  General single component water beauty agent. In fact, it is similar to white cement in that titanium dioxide or calcium carbonate is used as filler. After short-term construction, it will be mildewed and blackened for a long time. As a product of history, it has been basically eliminated.


  Ordinary sealant powder bag. This kind of patching agent is also called tacking agent. It is uniform in color, easy to be powdered, moldy and black. Now the owners of home decoration basically do not use it.



  At present, the common American locking agent on the market is two-component epoxy locking agent. With epoxy resin and curing agent as the main raw materials, pigment and other additives are added, and the two-component tubular packaging with the proportion of 1:1 is used, and the construction is carried out with special sewing tools.


  Because the style trend of ceramic tile is very simple and industrial style, gray becomes the main color, and Matt brick, soft light brick and texture brick become the mainstream. Some sewing manufacturers in the United States have also introduced corresponding products, namely, light porcelain sewing agent or colored sand filler. The gloss between matte sand porcelain beauty agent and colored sand sealant is about 30-50 degrees, with a matte texture effect, which perfectly matches with matte series ceramic tiles.


  It is worth mentioning that in addition to sand filling color, other common beauty sealants of Midea series can only be used indoors, and the joint beauty sealants of outdoor wind and rain combined with UV will change color and fall off rapidly. Is there a good sewing agent for outdoor use? As a result, polyurea sewing agent came into being! Polyurea sewing agent uses new polyurea materials, no cold, no heat, natural color unchanged!


  Can the beautiful edge sealer be used for sanitary ware, bathroom, wallpaper, wall cloth edge sealing and edge sealing? The answer is No. Beauty stitching agent is as hard as ceramic tile, and it will fall off when it is used for edge sealing for a long time. Beauty glue is recommended for small make-up products. It has good elasticity and adhesion and is the first choice for home decoration edge sealing.


  The above is a detailed introduction to the functions and differences of Shandong beauty sewing agent. To learn more, please click

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