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First of all, there is a big difference in the materials. The production material of the seaming agent is a new type of high polymer, high-grade pigment and special assistant, which is refined through special process; while the production material of the ceramic adhesive is a polymer composite cold construction waterproof material based on epoxy resin and amine curing agent.


Second, from the perspective of the effect after construction, both of them are as solid as porcelain after curing, but the beauty sewing agent is rich in color, natural luster, more beautiful and visual enjoyment; while the ceramic glue rarely adds pigments, most of which are white after curing, which does not have a good aesthetic effect.


Third, from the perspective of usage, the seaming agent only needs to clean the ceramic tile gap, and then use the glue gun to directly drive the product into the gap and scrape it flat; the use of ceramic glue is more troublesome, first of all, we need to mix the two components of ceramic glue evenly, then apply the glue, evenly apply the adjusted glue on the surface of the object to be adhered, and finally solidify.



Fourth, from the perspective of aesthetic degree, the color of the beautiful sewing agent is naturally bright, and different colors can be selected to match with the ceramic tiles, while the ceramic glue obviously can't; moreover, although the viscosity of the ceramic glue is higher, it doesn't have contractibility. After curing, it is flush with the ceramic tiles, and its aesthetic degree is greatly reduced in vision, which affects the overall sense of tile laying.


In addition to the above four points, there are many differences between the seaming agent and the ceramic glue in other subtle aspects. Obviously, as the filling material of the ceramic tile gap, the seaming agent is more professional and more suitable than the ceramic glue. It can not only meet people's requirements for clean and clean, but also meet the requirements of the eye beauty. It is to fill the gap of the ceramic tile and increase the decoration of the indoor home The best product for color.

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