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一、美缝 美缝选择的材料主要是:美缝剂、双组份美缝剂、单组份美缝剂、真瓷王、瓷流平美缝剂等等…… 美缝剂的颜色选择有两种方式,一是接近法,选择和瓷砖颜色接近的美缝剂,第二种是反差法,颜色与瓷砖颜色形成强烈的对比。 一般勾缝选用的时间在贴砖24小时后,即瓷砖干固之后,勾缝时间太早,将会影响所贴瓷砖,造成高低不平或者松动脱落。另外,在勾缝之前,需要将瓷砖的缝隙里面的灰土杂物给清理干净。

1、 The materials selected for beautiful sewing are mainly: beautiful sewing agent, two-component beautiful sewing agent, single component beautiful sewing agent, real porcelain king, porcelain leveling beautiful sewing agent, etc There are two ways to choose the color of the beautiful sewing agent, one is the approach method, the other is the contrast method, the color and the tile color form a strong contrast. Generally, the jointing time is 24 hours after tiling, that is, after the tiles are dried and fixed, the jointing time is too early, which will affect the tiles to be pasted, resulting in uneven or loose falling off. In addition, before pointing, it is necessary to clean the mortar and sundries in the gap of ceramic tile.

二、留缝 无缝砖由于是经过直切或修边处理,砖面和侧边面成90度直角,所以两片拼贴在一起时,砖与砖之间的缝隙很小,这样由于缝隙特小,整体性更强,于是就一些追求效果的朋友就让工人进行无缝铺贴。这种做法不仅不能真正达到很好的效果,同时也是一个非常错误的一个做法。瓷砖如果不留缝的话,会导致瓷砖在后期使用的过程中出现起鼓或者开裂。无论瓷砖是属于“无缝砖”还是“圆边砖”,铺贴的时候都需要留缝处理。 1.仿古砖一般的留缝稍宽,一般是3-5mm。 2.阳台的外墙文化砖一般留缝5mm左右。 3.无缝砖等墙砖、抛光砖在铺贴时,留缝的大小一般来说应该在1—1.5㎜左右,不低于1㎜。可以以气钉来作为参照物。


2、 As the seamless brick with seam reservation is processed by straight cutting or trimming, and the brick surface and side surface are at 90 ° right angle, when the two pieces are put together, the gap between the brick and the brick is very small, so because the gap is very small and the integrity is stronger, some friends who pursue the effect will let the workers pave seamlessly. This kind of practice can not really achieve good results, but also a very wrong one. If the ceramic tile does not leave a seam, it will cause the ceramic tile to bulge or crack in the process of later use. No matter the ceramic tile belongs to "seamless brick" or "round edge brick", it needs to leave a seam when paving. 1. The general seam of archaize brick is slightly wide, generally 3-5mm. 2. The cultural bricks on the outer wall of the balcony generally have about 5mm joints. 3. When paving seamless bricks and other wall tiles and polished bricks, the size of the reserved joint shall be generally about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm. The air nail can be used as a reference.


Seaming agent is a new product for ceramic tile filling. It is made of new polymer materials + high-grade pigments and special additives. It is rich in color, natural and delicate, and its surface is as smooth as porcelain after solidification. It is widely used in the joint treatment of ceramic tiles in living room, kitchen, toilet, etc. Moreover, the beauty sewing agent has the advantages of water-proof, mildew proof, black proof, stain resistant, acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant, oil resistant, etc. The beauty sewing agent and the ceramic tiles of different colors are matched with each other, which can bring better overall decoration effect to the home decoration!

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