In order to let you know the steps of the construction of beautiful sewing and make it convenient for you to do the construction of beautiful sewing, we are going to share a very serious course of beautiful sewing today, which novices can learn by themselves. If you don't want to say much, please prepare the sewing agent and other related tools, and start to do the sewing with me!


1. Clean the gap


Clean up the impurities in the gap. Both sides and bottom of the gap need to be cleaned. Clean up the dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner. In addition, if there is dust and water in it, it will affect the effect of beautiful sewing.


2. Installation of rubber hose


The rubber tubes are all disposable. After installation, the 40 cm long colloid shall be made to avoid that the colloid is not mixed evenly. Then, according to the width of the ceramic tile gap, the rubber tube mouth shall be mitered so that the seaming agent can easily enter the gap.



3. Use glue gun


There is a handle at the back of the glue gun. Pull it out to install the tacking agent. Press the handle on the handle of the glue gun hard to make the glue come out continuously. To stop gluing, push the front handle forward. Do not press the glue gun all the time during gluing, so the arm will ache and it will be easier to press one by one.


4. Paper with beautiful lines


Before the surface rough ceramic tile does the beautiful seam, must paste the beautiful grain paper, otherwise the beautiful seam agent sticks to the ceramic tile very difficult to clean. Masking paper needs to be pasted along the edge of the gap, not too far away from the gap, nor into the gap, so as not to affect the adhesion of the masking agent. If there is no masking paper, it can also be replaced by masking wax, so as to isolate the direct contact between tile and masking agent.


5. Caulking


When pressing the joint, it should be pressed once, and the gap and the beautiful joint agent on the surface of the ceramic tile should be pressed and disconnected to facilitate the shoveling of glue, but it is not allowed to press back and forth repeatedly. When meeting the intersection gap, take the intersection point as the starting point and press it in other directions. Different tools of different specifications can be used in different places, as well as special caulking plates for internal and external corners.


6. Rubber shovel


Only after the tacking agent is completely cured can we shovel the glue. For the tiles pasted with masking paper, we can tear them off 10 minutes after pressing the seam. For the tiles smeared with masking wax, we need to wait for the masking agent to dry out before shovel. Use a blade to shovel up a corner of the seaming agent, and then you can tear it off directly by hand.


This is the first tip about how to make the stitching agent beautiful. The above content is provided by Jinan Jiushun building materials Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Shandong stitching agent. If you want to know more about the stitching agent, you can pay attention to our website / 。

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